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Charter Management

How does it work?



invests into a yacht

You decide to invest into a yacht with YCP. Together with our experts we will go through the options for your investment and then you can decide, which options suits you the best. Our experts will order the yacht for you from our partners, which will guarantee that you receive best price on the market. We will take care of the transport to our home port in Šibenik. From here will add your boat into the fleet and upload her information onto our website


YCP Fleet

The client firstly provides the Yacht Club with their yacht. The Yacht Club places the clients’ yacht into its fleet manifest

From the outside the yacht seems to be in a standard charter, as it would be part of YCP’s fleet. We care about your boat as if it were one of our own. The yacht is regularly cleaned, serviced, painted and maintained all on our own costs.



YCP charters, services and maintains bookings

First you inform us of how many weeks and which weeks in the year you would like to have your boat. Outside these weeks the boat will be in the standard charter and we offer to rent her to our clients.



The owner gets 60% of every weeks earnings from the charter

From every week that the boat is rented out as a charter vessel, you will earn 60% of the profits. YCP keeps the remaining 40% to cover maintenance and servicing needs.


The average price for renting a yacht per week is around 2.000 EUR, from which 1.200 EUR goes directly to your pockets each week. In a single season we are able to rent out your boat up to 20 weeks of charter, which makes you a profit of 24.000 EUR per season. Therefore if we assume that the yacht costs around 150.000 EUR the return on your investment is approximately 7 years after tax deductions.

After these 7 years the boat begins to turn a profit. On average boats are usually within the charter for as long as 10 years, at which point the investor has earned as much as 72.000 EUR in profit and, in addition there is price of the boat, which is estimated at 30.000 EUR after 10 years. The gross income is roughly 102.000 EUR and on top of that, you have saved money on vacations thanks to your owner weeks!

This model works in most European countries. Our goal is to provide this service to you. It is truly a great opportunity, to earn money from your hobby!

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